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Crazy Quilt Round Robin and Christmas Quilt-to-be



I made about one hundred of the folded bow ties and plan a Christmas quilt. Made from my stash but I’ll have to go out looking for sashing and borders! These were a lot of fun and I found the instructions on a facebook offering.

The other piece pictured was done several years ago in a Cornerstone Quilt Guild crazy quilt round robin. I made the background crazy pieced block and the rest was done by the very talented and generous members of the round robin. A wonderful friend did the cardinal in the center and the work around that block, setting the mood for the piece. Three other talented embellishers/quilters finished off the piece. I think I had the most beautiful finished piece of all–and am very fortunate to have this as a reminder of those friends and that great group.

We have had more snow than I can remember this winter, and after shoveling out, have lots of time to play in the sewing room. I’m trying to be productive and have fun at the same time. Have done several small projects just to play. So many ideas, so many quilts to do!

Before I retired I heard people say “I don’t know how I had time to work” and now I know what they meant. This is a time of enjoying what means most in life and appreciating what one has–friends, spouse, life in general!

We moved to Maine shortly after I retired and I love this place. Every season brings beauty (yes, even the several feet of snow we have gotten this winter)
and so much to see and do year round. I hate to leave to go anywhere else–but I do admit a trip to a warmer place for a few weeks is something I am looking forward to although I already know I will be ready to come back here when our vacation is over.


Snow in Maine–Again


View across the front yard! Guess we are lucky to get only about 6 more inches on top of the snow we already have–headlines in the paper this morning tell of a town about 2 hours north of here that has gotten 6 feet of snow in the last 10 days!