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Vacation, Relaxation, and Quilting

DSCN2753Hand pieced this 18″x24″ block on vacation.  Love to do handpiecing and it travels well.  Light, easy to pack, and keeps me busy in the evenings.  I hope to build a quilt around this.  The rest of it will be machine pieced and I’ll trim this to make a rectangle.  I have another that I did a couple of years ago, the center hand pieced baby block is about 30 inches square.  I got carried away cutting out the diamonds for these blocks years ago and still have a boxful to use!

Escaped the snow and cold.  The weather was perfect for us, mid 70’s and no humidity.  Sun shined all but 2 days.  The water was the color of emeralds some days and an azure blue others.  What a picture against the white sands along the Florida panhandle shores!  My favorite days were spent just relaxing on the balcony listening to the waves break on the shore or walking along the shore.  The water in March was warmer than the Atlantic gets in July and August in Maine!  But I still love Maine best.


Quilting and vacation

Almost time to go home.  I have mixed feelings.  I do love being in my own home, with  all my fabric and necessities nearby, ready whenever I get the urge to sew and quilt.  But I also love the weather we have had down here in the Florida panhandle.  The morning we left Maine it was -18!   This month we have been spoiled with 70+ degree days, sunshine, no humidity, and the ocean outside our door!  Sunset

I have been able to do some handwork.  Most vacations I take hand piecing projects with me and this vacation is no exception.  I have gotten a hand pieced baby blocks large rectangle ready to have borders applied.  That will be done on the sewing machine.  I’m also working on  hand pieced tumbler strips.  They are about 6 feet long and the plan is to make a strip quilt alternating the tumbler strips with white strips.  It is very relaxing to do this handwork in the evening while watching TV.  Finished  the socks I have been knitting for a year also.  DSCN2753

I have so many ideas for quilts–too little time!   Lately have been using a lot of white in the quilt tops I have done.  And because I have not been good about washing fabric before putting it in my stash, have been doing a lot of washing–would hate to have the dyes run into the white after all that work put into each quilt.

On vacation–really an extension of retirement!!!   It is good to be in a warmer place for a little while, but I do miss my Maine.

It was minus 18 the morning we drove off to start our winter vacation–nice send off!!   Took two days to travel to NC where we had a nice visit with our son who is career Air Force.  We got to see a little of the Fayetteville area–it was cool while we were there, but for us “northerners”, it was pretty comfortable.    He is thinking of retiring, but not yet reached a decision.  He has plenty of time to make that decision.

It was about a 1600+ mile drive to our final destination, Fort Walton Beach, Florida.  Our condo was having some unexpected repairs done and we were moved to another condo.  Weather delayed the repairs and we were worried about having to move again while here, so we got out of that contract because of the uncertainty, and found a really nice place on Okaloosa Island, can see the beach and hear the waves from the balcony.  In a couple of minutes, we can be on the sand.   Nice change for us.

I’m doing some hand piecing while here.  I have a couple of projects that I take on vacations.  Finished a hand pieced baby blocks rectangle that will be the center of a quilt someday.  Also am finishing up a hand pieced folded fabric log cabin that I started in a class with Liz Porter years ago.  I have about 18 eight inch blocks finished and hope to get the final 7 done while here.  Then can make these the center of another quilt.   Have done some knitting in the evening, also.

We have visited a really pretty little town about 30 miles nortSunset

Wildlife in the sand at Fort Walton Beach Florida
Wildlife in the sand at Fort Walton Beach Florida

h of here, DeFuniak Springs.  Quaint town, large lake in the center that is probably a very old sink hole.  Beautiful homes, old fashioned buildings in the downtown.   Train goes thru the town a few times a day–very loud!!!

Lazy day today.    I am reading the Harry Potter series and find them very enjoyable.  I have two and will get the rest of the series out of our local library when I get home.   The stories keep my interest, are good reading, stress good vs evil, and highlight the qualities of honesty, perseverance, loyalty.  Look forward to the rest of the books.

Hopefully will have a couple of pictures of what I have accomplished in my piecing when I write the next time.  Off to enjoy the warm weather and sun!

View from the front door
View from the front door