Quilting and vacation

Almost time to go home.  I have mixed feelings.  I do love being in my own home, with  all my fabric and necessities nearby, ready whenever I get the urge to sew and quilt.  But I also love the weather we have had down here in the Florida panhandle.  The morning we left Maine it was -18!   This month we have been spoiled with 70+ degree days, sunshine, no humidity, and the ocean outside our door!  Sunset

I have been able to do some handwork.  Most vacations I take hand piecing projects with me and this vacation is no exception.  I have gotten a hand pieced baby blocks large rectangle ready to have borders applied.  That will be done on the sewing machine.  I’m also working on  hand pieced tumbler strips.  They are about 6 feet long and the plan is to make a strip quilt alternating the tumbler strips with white strips.  It is very relaxing to do this handwork in the evening while watching TV.  Finished  the socks I have been knitting for a year also.  DSCN2753

I have so many ideas for quilts–too little time!   Lately have been using a lot of white in the quilt tops I have done.  And because I have not been good about washing fabric before putting it in my stash, have been doing a lot of washing–would hate to have the dyes run into the white after all that work put into each quilt.


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