Vacation, Relaxation, and Quilting

DSCN2753Hand pieced this 18″x24″ block on vacation.  Love to do handpiecing and it travels well.  Light, easy to pack, and keeps me busy in the evenings.  I hope to build a quilt around this.  The rest of it will be machine pieced and I’ll trim this to make a rectangle.  I have another that I did a couple of years ago, the center hand pieced baby block is about 30 inches square.  I got carried away cutting out the diamonds for these blocks years ago and still have a boxful to use!

Escaped the snow and cold.  The weather was perfect for us, mid 70’s and no humidity.  Sun shined all but 2 days.  The water was the color of emeralds some days and an azure blue others.  What a picture against the white sands along the Florida panhandle shores!  My favorite days were spent just relaxing on the balcony listening to the waves break on the shore or walking along the shore.  The water in March was warmer than the Atlantic gets in July and August in Maine!  But I still love Maine best.


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