Little Santa ornament
Little Santa ornament
Fantasy Seahorse
Fantasy Seahorse

Maine Felters Group met today at Aldermere Farm in Rockport, Maine.  Great place to meet, and gracious hosts who allow the group to use the barn.   Today we had the opportunity to play with making a little Santa–top photo.   Each one came out different sizes, but all too cute!

Center picture of the little gnome (learned to make these from the Gnome Lady–see her work at will someday be a little wall hanging–haven’t yet decided what to put around the embellished wool felt center.   Have to let it hang as is for while until ideas come to me.

Last picture, the seahorse, was felted in a cookie cutter then embellished with fun yarn and beads.  I’ve found a couple of other cookie cutters that I want to try.   One is a cow and the other a maple leaf.   Fun for some cold winter Maine day–coming soon!


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