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Gnomes and Quilts

A little gnome that traveled to PA since this picture was taken!   I hear he is in a good home and has a place overlooking the Ohio River!  Each little gnome has his own story and it is told as they are being made.

Again, I inserted a picture previously published–someday I’ll learn how to undo!  (The embroidered quilt in the center).

Our quilt chapter, Georges Valley, part of the Pine Tree Guild here in Maine, is donating quilts to a local charity and this go to that cause.  This is our community project for this year.


A Gnome in ParadiseCan’t stop making these little gnomes.  Learned how in June and the gnome family has been growing since!   As each one is being made, these gnomes develop their own story.   This one, Ethan, is on his first vacation in the tropics.  He lives in western Maine and has always dreamed of traveling.   He had his own construction business and made wee homes for gnomes who were downsizing– a trend much like our “tiny homes”.  Now that he is retired and sold his business, he is seeing parts of the world he only dreamed of!

The quilt below is a simple 16 patch made of 30’s and 40’s reproduction fabric from my stash.  I confess that I did have to go out and buy 5 fat quarters to finish the quilt, but the I did have enough for the rest of the quilt.    Had this quilted at the local quilt shop, Quilt Divas, in Rockland.

Scrap quilt
Scrap quilt