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Christmas Projects

Yo Yo pillow 2015slash and sew treesstacked and slashed treesThree little Christmas projects done this December. Just playing around with fabric from the stash!

Memory Quilt

Memory quilt for Susie from Julie's shirtsThis quilt was made from cotton shirts worn by a special Aunt and will be given to my cousin for Christmas.  Machine pieced and hand quilted, it took about 5 months to complete.  I did enjoy each step in the process and focused on family memories while working on it.  I did not think to get the measurements before I sent it off, but it is certainly long and wide enough to wrap up in and feel the hugs.  I have heard that it has arrived –will be opened Christmas Eve, our family’s traditional time to open our gifts after a Polish family Christmas Eve supper.

I’ve been putting more white in my quilts lately and find I really like the effect.  Bright colors–rarely used in the past–just seem to pop against the white.

No snow for Christmas this year.   This is our 4th Christmas living in Maine and the first without snow!   Not complaining, the milder weather has really cut down on our heating bills.  It is the first time we are staying here for the holidays and it has been delightful to be able to bake, decorate, and just enjoy home.   Love the peacefulness of it. Merry Christmas to all.


DSCN4786Starting to decorate for Christmas and hung a few quilts in the kitchen.  This will be our first Christmas at home in quite a few years and I am really looking forward to the quiet and peaceful day.   The Advent Calendar quilt on the left was a gift from a friend a few years ago.  Then it was filled with quilting related gifts and one of the most fun gifts ever!   The snowman quilt was made last year.  The trees were done this year after seeing a similar quilt on line.  The white quilt with the Christmas tree was done years ago in a class with Mary Story.  Fun to pull out old quilts and remember their stories.

This Christmas tree was made with a sytroform base  covered with yo-yos.  Another idea from a picture on line.

A beautiful day here in Maine.   Christmas by the Sea weekend in Camden and it started for us last evening with a concert by the high school chorus at our local library.  After that, a parade through town complete with floats, decorated firetrucks and snow plows, children singing,  and Santa riding his sleigh at the end of the parade.  The streets were crowded with people having a good time.    Fireworks later in the evening.  Today we had dinner with friends at my favorite restaurant in town, the Long Grain.    Came back home for dessert,  apple and cranberry pie and good conversation.  Miss these friends from MA!

Working on a memory quilt made from cotton shirts worn by an aunt of mine.  I’ll hopefully post a picture when it is finished.  I have all but 4 blocks hand quilted and hope to be done in order to ship it to a cousin by Christmas.  I find it very soothing to work on and have had some good memories of her over the years.  Better go work on that now so I can start another!   So many quilt to be made.

YO YO christmas tree 2014