Four patch in progress

Scrap 4 patch in progress April 2016

Four patch scrap quilt in progress.  A couple of weeks ago I was on a quilt retreat in Williamstown MA with members of my former quilt group (Merry Bobbins Retreat).

Great time getting together again, good company, lots of sewing and lots of food!   Three days of being among like minded people!    Among other projects, I worked on piecing this scrap quilt.   Now I just have two sides to add sashing to and it is ready for quilting–and it is big–approximately 98 inches square.  Haven’t decided if I will hand quilt it or send it out to the long arm quilter.

In my fiber art group, I met a woman who is in the area only for a few months.  She invited our group to visit the home she is renting here on the shore.


It was  a cloudy, grey, and rainy day when we visited.   Can you imaging this view every day, how it changes, and listening to the sound of the waves on the shore?   I know I could look at it forever!   How lucky to meet her and how generous of her to share.

Tomorrow our guild chapter is having the monthly sit and sew.   We meet at the Lion’s club in town and have 6 hours of sewing and visiting.  Hope to get a quilt layered and pin basted at the get together.   I’m trying a new method for me–using pool noodles as a roller system.  It surely looked easy at the demonstration a few weeks ago.   Nice to have long tables to use at the Lion’s Club building.

Finally a little sunshine here in Maine today.   Makes me thing Spring may actually come to us.




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