Selvedge Quilt

I’m working on a selvedge quilt and thought I had the blocks all made.  But when I went to lay it out, I still need at least 60 six and a half inch blocks!   But I am going to really love it when it is done.  I haven’t decided on the final layout–the picture is not the finished design but close.  I’ve been saving the selvedges for a long time and now I think I have a bottomless container full!

Three friends and I have been getting together once a week most weeks for a day of sewing.  What a luxury–great friends, common interests, fun conversations while doing one of the things we all like best!   It is challenging and inspirational to be together like this.

Farmer's Wife Blocks 54 thru 57

These are my latest Farmer’s Wife blocks.   I’m doing this with a small group and our plan is to do two blocks per week and have them all completed by the end of the year.  I have 60 blocks done so far and find I am really enjoying paper piecing.   After 60 blocks, it is finally getting easier!   It will be fun to see everyone’s quilts.Farmer's wife block Carol

I’m going to set them in the “bubble” fabric as show above.  This is going to be one big quilt!

Happy quilting, all.


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