Farmer’s Wife Quilt Blocks, continued!!

Farmer's wife block 57Farmers Wife block 57

I continue to work on the Farmer’s Wife blocks–I am caught up for August and have two of September’s blocks done.  Those aren’t shown here.   Block 61 was hard– took me 4 hours and I had to replace at least two of the parts because I had sewn it wrong.  If I had started this block first, I doubt I would have continued.  But I am glad that I finally got it.

The members of the group I am in that are doing this post their blocks monthly.  Love seeing the others and imagining how different our finished quilts will be.   I really enjoy these women and the inspiration they bring.

The little felted bowl with the flower on it is needle felted around a foam cup holder–and the flower was made by a member of my women’s group.   The other bowl is crocheted with leftover bulky yarn.   I have crocheted a few larger baskets out of 100% wool and felted them in the washing machine.  Those have turned out well and I have some of my “special” fabrics stored in them up in my sewing room.

Windjammer weekend here in Camden.  We just had a spectacular set of fireworks, the last of the season.   Love seeing all the boats in the harbor and all the people enjoying themselves in town.   In six weeks or so, the harbor will be practically empty and things will quiet down for a while.   I never get tired of walking down there!



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