Parts department , continued

More potential blocks for our “Parts Department” quilt.  I’m not sure just how much longer we are all going to continue making blocks before we get together the exchange each other’s contribution blocks, but I can’t wait to see what we have to work with.  Once I get the blocks, I’ll look for a fabric to pull it all together.    I’ve been really happy with all the  newsprint/word/letter fabrics I have been able to find and may use something along that line.   Hope to have some pictures of the quilt in the making over the winter.


Another obsession has been these crocheted baskets.  This one is a mini–made from leftover yarn from a bigger basket.   Now it sitting alongside my chair in the TV room and holding my glasses–no excuse for not finding them anymore.  Small crocheted basket

A very little needle felted bowl with a felted flower.   So many things to play with!Felted bowl

Here are my latest additions to the gnome family.   I met the author of the “Gnome Project” a couple of years ago and have been making these little gnomes since then.  Each one seems to have a story of its own that develops in the making.   Lots of fun!  new-gnomes-september-2016



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