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QuiltCon 2017

boulder-field-kathy-york-austin-mqgOne of my favorite quilts that I saw at QuiltCon 2017 in Savannah.  Boulder Fields by Kathy York Austin.   Love the colors, compostition and images!   There were so many inspirting quilts.  Savannah was a wonderful city to visit and we did take the time to go on a tour of the city and enjoy the history it has.   dscn7675This was the view from the trade center where the show was held.   It was fascinating to see the traffic on the Savannah River–huge barges, small ferries, tug boats!   This was my second trip to Savannah and I feel I’d love to visit again.

dscn7694This quilt was probably my favorite.   I do not have the name of the maker.  The explanation of the quilt stated that this was done while waiting for the return of a military family member or friend.     I appreciate quilts that make a statement.

I am already looking forward to QuiltCon East in two years–then it is scheduled for Nashville.


MQG Secret Swap Quilt Received!

I participated in the MQG Secret Swap this winter.  I just received this wonderful little quilt from my “secret quilter” today (middle picture).   Love the combination of hand and machine work, the black, white, and grey interspersed in the stripes, and the pop of colors in the hand applique!   The last picture is of the backing fabric–wish I had a bit of that!

First picture is the quilt I sent to my “partner” in this swap.   She had a few pictures on her instagram account that had flying geese in them and I decided that is what I’d like to include in her quilt.  Participants had no idea who was partnered with them for this challenge–only knew who you would be sending your quilt to.   Quilts are due by Feb 22.  Some people will be exchanging them at QuiltCon in Savannah later this month.

I am going to QuiltCon!!!!!   Three other friends and I are flying down on Thursday, will have 2 full days there, and return to Maine on Sunday.  How exciting is that!

I signed up for the Riley Blake challenge at MQG and received the fabric last week.  I was able to purchase some Riley Blake confetti solids to include in the quilt.  Now I am waiting for inspiration.   Finished quilt is due in April and I am going to be away during the middle two weeks so I’d better get busy!



Traveling Quilt Project Mt. Battie Modern Quilt Guild

Our newly formed (2 months old!) Mt. Battie Modern Quilt Guild is starting a traveling quilt project.   About 8 of us signed up to do this and we exchange the start of our quilts at our next meeting.   I have decided to do houses for my center.  We are to add to one or two borders to the quilts as we get them.  Each quilt will come with a journal with an entry from the owner about her wishes for the quilt.   After each participant has added to the quilts, we will get ours back for the surprise reveal!   I have participated in projects like this in the past and have been happy with the results.  Should be fun!

The block looks distorted in the picture, but I think that is a result of the angle I took the picture from.   Have to get that design wall started so I can get better pictures.

Our Coastal Quilters meeting is Saturday–we are part of the Pine Tree Guild here in Maine.   One of our members is giving a demo on tips and tricks –demonstrating rulers, quilting aides, and showing what to do with your scraps.   Looking forward to this.   Many talented people in this group and my favorite part of the meetings is “Show and Tell”.   I’ll show my selvedge quilt and another simple design in yellow and greys.