QuiltCon 2017

boulder-field-kathy-york-austin-mqgOne of my favorite quilts that I saw at QuiltCon 2017 in Savannah.  Boulder Fields by Kathy York Austin.   Love the colors, compostition and images!   There were so many inspirting quilts.  Savannah was a wonderful city to visit and we did take the time to go on a tour of the city and enjoy the history it has.   dscn7675This was the view from the trade center where the show was held.   It was fascinating to see the traffic on the Savannah River–huge barges, small ferries, tug boats!   This was my second trip to Savannah and I feel I’d love to visit again.

dscn7694This quilt was probably my favorite.   I do not have the name of the maker.  The explanation of the quilt stated that this was done while waiting for the return of a military family member or friend.     I appreciate quilts that make a statement.

I am already looking forward to QuiltCon East in two years–then it is scheduled for Nashville.


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