Embroidered Birds

Getting ready to run a workshop at one of the quilt guild chapters I belong to.   Each meeting we do a small project or have a program of some kind after the meeting.   Members take turns arranging the program for the month.   This month we will be embroidering these silly little birds and inserting our finished piece into a greeting card.

These two quilts were hanging at QuiltCon 2017.  I don’t have the makers names.  So many interesting  quilts and talented quilters.   I have been a fairly traditional quilter since starting in 1976, but find myself drawn to the freedom in these “modern” quilts.  I do like the negative space that sets off the design and have been trying to incorporate this into some of the pieces I have been doing lately.

I also love the “low volume” fabrics that are being produced now.   A few friends and I are making Tula Pink’s City Sampler,and I plan to use lots of the low volumes in that.   Alewives, a local quilt shop, has a monthly low volume fat quarter package that I have subscribed to, and these will be just right for my quilt.  Have three blocks done so far–but have a year to complete all of them!   Last year we all did “Farmer’s Wife” quilt and finished the blocks by paper piecing  8/month all year long.   In April all of the quilts will be completed and we will show our quilts at our meeting.   I have seen most of the tops, and, although we used the same blocks, they are all so different.   I love paper piecing because of the crisp results on all of the blocks.

So many quilts and so little time!henri-the-hedgehog

This is Henry the Hedgehog.  He is needle felted and is now working as a pincushion.   A friend a similar one and I fell in love with it.   Had to make one for myself!


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