Jen Kingwell’s Long Time Gone Quilt


DSCN0217A group of members of our Mount Battie Modern Quilt Guild are making Jen Kingwell”s Long Time Gone pattern.    These are a few of the blocks I’ve done so far.   I’ve got one more to photograph–maybe for the next post.   I am going to introduce a few shades of coral in some of the blocks–haven’t decided yet what other colors.

The three small quilts pictures at the top of the post are mini quilts I made for a few MQG swaps.   These were fun to participate in.  In the latest  (white and blue quilt in middle picture) my swap partner and I were able to exchange hints and pictures suggesting what the quilt would look like on Instagram.   I hope to participate in more.

I’m planning on getting two more blocks for the Long Time Gone quilt done this week.   We are doing 2-3 blocks a month, and I’d love to get a little ahead–it seems that some months things come up and the making the blocks somehow doesn’t get done.

We had about 4 more inches of snow last night in our part of Maine.   The rest of the week will be in the 40’s or higher, so there goes the snow.   I had hoped to get out on my snow shoes, but so far this winter, I haven’t been able to.   Life keeps interfering!



3 thoughts on “Jen Kingwell’s Long Time Gone Quilt

    1. Thanks. I usually do very scrappy quilts and, while this is scrappy, I am trying to limit my color choices. That is a challenge to me. It is so much fun seeing what the other quilters are doing and how different each quilt will be. I think there are at least 6 people doing this in our group.

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