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Felted Gnomes: It’s Christmas

The  Christmas Gnomes are visiting their family for the holidays.   Have had so much fun making these little creatures and as I make them, each develops its own personality!  DSCN0058


Gnomes and Friends

DSCN5332Had a few friends in today for “gnome making”.  These little characters are becoming an obsession!   Left to right:   First gnome made by Deanna ;   Policeman made by Deanna’s son;   Hockey player made by Deanna’s daughter;  my angry little gnome;  Nina’s Russian gnome;  and Diane’s start of Santa Claus.   Each has a personality and a story.        Deanna did not believe that a story would appear as she was making her gnome, but she is now a believer.

I have mentioned before that I started making these after seeing a demonstration at   a a fiber  festival in Windsor, Maine, by Jessica Piehl Menninghaus, author of the book the  Gnome Project.  I have gotten so much enjoyment out of making these little gnomes and have had so much fun with friends.   Lots of laughter, sharing, and stories while making them.