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Quilt Retreat with Guild Members

I was lucky enough to spend Thursday thru Sunday at a Quilt Retreat with my guild members and some guests at the Franciscan House in Kennebunkport, Maine.   Perfect place for a retreat!   We had plenty of sewing room, good lighting, meals included.   The facility is located about a 10 minute walk from the beach in one direction and 10 minutes into town in the other.   The grounds offer trails to walk which go along the water in places.

My  in progress Wild and Goosey quilt, pattern by Bonnie Hunter, is on the left in the picture.  I hope to get two more vertical rows done and then call it quits.   I am putting sashing between the blocks of 4 geese and the quilt will be lap size.   The blocks on the right belong to a wonderfully talented and productive quilter in our MQG chapter–Louisa.    Some of the blocks are part of the Long Time Gone Quilt by Jen Kingwell.   Several members of our group are making this quilt and love seeing the different color combinations being used.


I also had to put a couple of pictures of fog in our beautiful harbor here in Maine.   Finally spring is here, trees are blooming and flowers are starting.   These pictures were taken only two weeks ago, and there is such a change already.   I am enjoying each of the seasons here.



My Wild and goosey


CQ Retreat

Worked on my Tula Pink City Sampler blocks while at our guild chapter retreat at the Franciscan House in Kennebunkport, ME, last week.   Now am caught up for May–40 blocks done and about 60 more to go!   My group is doing 8 blocks per month and will finish up in December.

Last year we did Farmer’s Wife quilt and will “unveil” them at our CQ meeting in June.  Although we all did the same blocks, the five quilts are entirely different and all beautiful!  Hope to get a good picture of mine to show soon.

Another quilt finished piecing (except for the borders) was a Christmas bow tie pattern.   It has a 3-d center and I made the blocks so long ago that I don’t remember how I did it except that it was fairly easy!   Hopefully, I will find the instructions when I am looking for something else–usually when I find lost items.

There were 15 quilters at our retreat and all were very productive and had lots of fun.   This is our third retreat at the Franciscan House and we have two more planned–October 2017 and May 2018.   The people there are very receptive to quilters, the space is great ( we all had a 6 foot table and good lighting,  ironing boards supplied, boards to display our quilts/blocks, and meals in the next room!)    It is a half mile in one way to the beach, and a half mile the other direction to the very cute town of Kennebunkport.   We always go to the coffee shop in town for a treat and coffee (the half mile walk justifies a treat, doesn’t it!).   The grounds are well kept and there are paths through, part of which parallels the river out to the ocean.   Great weekend with friends.

Our new modern guild now has 12 members.   We started in January and meet monthly. Very inspiring to see what members are doing.   We have a “traveling quilt” now and have 9 members participating.   Each one has it’s own theme and it has been challenging and fun working on blocks for these quilts.   Very few rules except to only add blocks on 1-3 sides and go with whatever the maker suggests in her journal–very loose interpretation.   What I have seen so far is just amazing!   Can’t wait to see the finished quilts.   My theme is neighborhood and my starting block was a few houses representing some of my favorites from our 13 moves!