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Quilting During a Cold Maine Blizzard

Working on my “Scrap Vortex” and I have enough blocks for almost two quilts!   I’m going to have to make some  more red and green blocks because the thing got so big I had to stop at a point where I can get a batting long enough to use!

My Tula Pink City Sampler blocks are all done.   Now that one quilt is off the design wall I can put that up.

It is a cold, windy, snowy day here in Maine.  The snow has been falling all day long, strong winds whipping it sideways across the yards.   I haven’t been out at all.   Tomorrow will bring lots of shoveling out for us.   But I used the time for a “Sewing Marathon” and. besides the Scrap Vortex, I got a good start on a mini quilt for the MQG mini swap that is due to go to my partner next month.   There is a corner of one of  the blocks (not sewn together yet) pictured above.

I was cleaning out my store room off my sewing studio and am amazed at the fabrics I have up there.   I’d like to say I’m not going to buy anymore this year–but I know better.   I was listening to PBS radio yesterday and two women were discussing their “no buying year” and what that accomplished for them.   One limited it to no shoes, bags, clothing.   That seems do-able to me and I’d like to try.  No promises to myself, but I have already found myself asking myself if I really do need that sweater I saw in a catalog today–and I realized, no.   Lets see how long I can go!

I have done a considerable amount of ridding myself of so many of the “things” I have accumulated over the years that I don’t need, don’t have room for, don’t use anymore, etc.  There is still plenty left, but it is getting easier to “let go.”

Time to go watch a movie with husband.



MQG Secret Swap Quilt Received!

I participated in the MQG Secret Swap this winter.  I just received this wonderful little quilt from my “secret quilter” today (middle picture).   Love the combination of hand and machine work, the black, white, and grey interspersed in the stripes, and the pop of colors in the hand applique!   The last picture is of the backing fabric–wish I had a bit of that!

First picture is the quilt I sent to my “partner” in this swap.   She had a few pictures on her instagram account that had flying geese in them and I decided that is what I’d like to include in her quilt.  Participants had no idea who was partnered with them for this challenge–only knew who you would be sending your quilt to.   Quilts are due by Feb 22.  Some people will be exchanging them at QuiltCon in Savannah later this month.

I am going to QuiltCon!!!!!   Three other friends and I are flying down on Thursday, will have 2 full days there, and return to Maine on Sunday.  How exciting is that!

I signed up for the Riley Blake challenge at MQG and received the fabric last week.  I was able to purchase some Riley Blake confetti solids to include in the quilt.  Now I am waiting for inspiration.   Finished quilt is due in April and I am going to be away during the middle two weeks so I’d better get busy!