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Two Felted Woodland Women

Meet Hilda (on right) and Hazel.   I took a class from Kathleen Gerdes (founder of Maine Felters)  in May and made my first woodland woman, Hilda.   Had such fun doing this and Kathleen made it seem so easy!   So last month, Kathleen came up here to give another class and Hilda’s grandmother appeared!   These dolls take on personalities of their own and tell their own stories.   Hilda lives in the forest in a community of like minded women and her job is to find wood for the evening fires.   Her grandmother, Hazel, taught her all she knows.  Hazel also forages thru the woods for things left behind by human visitors and found the shiny button just laying among a bed of leaves.    She made her shawl from a cloth that had become snared on a branch.   She and her grand daughter live in a hollow tree and welcome fellow woodland women in for tree bark tea several times a week.   Look carefully on your next walk thru the woods and you may see signs of this tribe!DSCN1077


Southern Ladies Appliqued Quilt, Vintage blocks

Southern Ladies May 2018Several years ago I saw similar blocks at an auction in MA.  Unfortunately, I was outbid and didn’t get them.   A couple of years after that, when we were vending at Brimfield Flea Market, one of the vendors down the line was putting these out for display.  I was in the right place at the right time!   I purchased them and they sat in my sewing room for another few years.   The ladies are appliqued to a heavy muslin with a blanket stitch in black embroidery thread.  I put the blocks together and added the border and then it was machine quilted by a friend in Warren, Maine.   I would have loved to hand quilt it, but the muslin is so heavy that it would have been too difficult to do.

I love this quilt and wonder who made the blocks, where did the material come from, and what was the makers plan for them?  I have been lucky enough to find several sets of block to make quilts, several of which I have been able to hand quilt.   Wonder what will happen to my unfinished projects in the future!

Long Time Gone Progress

This little block, one of 16 I need to be finished with the blocks for Long Time Gone, pattern by Jen Kingwell, took 1.25 hours to paper piece.  But, I think I have it now and can cut down on the time somewhat.   I tried paper piecing a larger pineapple block in the past and ended up with a log cabin, so I am happy this came out as it was supposed to.   My quilt will be scrappy and in the colors in this block.  Looking forward to seeing what it looks like when finished.  Several members of our Mt. Battie Modern Quilt Guild are making this quilt, all in different fabrics.  We show our blocks at our meetings and the colors and combinations are wonderful.   Hope to be completed by the end of the year. DSCN1066.JPG

Quilt Retreat with Guild Members

I was lucky enough to spend Thursday thru Sunday at a Quilt Retreat with my guild members and some guests at the Franciscan House in Kennebunkport, Maine.   Perfect place for a retreat!   We had plenty of sewing room, good lighting, meals included.   The facility is located about a 10 minute walk from the beach in one direction and 10 minutes into town in the other.   The grounds offer trails to walk which go along the water in places.

My  in progress Wild and Goosey quilt, pattern by Bonnie Hunter, is on the left in the picture.  I hope to get two more vertical rows done and then call it quits.   I am putting sashing between the blocks of 4 geese and the quilt will be lap size.   The blocks on the right belong to a wonderfully talented and productive quilter in our MQG chapter–Louisa.    Some of the blocks are part of the Long Time Gone Quilt by Jen Kingwell.   Several members of our group are making this quilt and love seeing the different color combinations being used.


I also had to put a couple of pictures of fog in our beautiful harbor here in Maine.   Finally spring is here, trees are blooming and flowers are starting.   These pictures were taken only two weeks ago, and there is such a change already.   I am enjoying each of the seasons here.



My Wild and goosey

Tree Quilt

I started this paper pieced tree quilt years ago–don’t remember the year, but I think it must have been before we moved to Maine 5.5 years ago!   I came across the project when cleaning out the storage area in the sewing room–and decided it was time to finish.   I used only the paper pieces I had already  on hand and filled in the background with a neutral.   It is small, lap sized, and I have decided not to put any borders on it.  I’ll probably bind it with strips of the left over fabrics.    Hope to have it done by the end of April!DSCN0648

Long Time Gone Progress

These are the March blocks for Long Time Gone by Jen Kingwell.  Several members of our Mount Battie MQG are working on this quilt and have divided the blocks so that we only have to do a few each month.  This is the third installment and I love these little 3.5 inch churn dash blocks.   I made the 9 patch block and was happy–then I read the directions and they called for 21 blocks all together.   Cute, but a lot of work to do these tiny squares.    20180326_191614_001

Coastal Quilters, a chapter of the Maine Pine Tree Guild, issued a challenge last June at our final meeting before summer break.  We were all given a paper bag with 3 coordinating fat quarters (all donated by the members and I have to say, the group who organized this did a good job of coordinating the assortment that was received).   20171231_160008I got fat quarters of the 3 fabrics used in the square in the square block.  I ended up two 5 inch blocks short of the green fabric, put a call out to the members and it turns out the fabric was donated by our president who fortunately had a bit left so I could finish my quilt!   I had the stripe in the sashing in my stash and knew I’d find a use for it someday!  Now it awaits a baby to use it.

Went into my  fabric/craft storage area to try to clean it up a bit and organize–but found too many distractions and ended up playing instead.   Anyone else have the same problem?  My intention is to see what I can donate to our local guild chapter’s auction later this year.  It is the major fund raiser and has been very successful.   I have a few months to get this done–have to keep myself on track next time and not get distracted by all the pretty things and potential projects!

Hope to have another finished  project to take a picture of soon.














Mellow Yellow Challenge

I am entering the Mellow Yellow Challenge at Persimon Dreams blog.  The piece has to be made between the 18th and 25th of February and has have one of the following:  piecing, applique, 3 layers and quilted by hand or machine.   I started this yesterday and finished this afternoon.   It is 24 inches square and made from my stash.  I do enjoy doing selvedge blocks and used most of my yellowish selvedges.   Fun to do.   Now if I can figure out how to post this on their site — have not had much luck yet!


Jen Kingwell’s Long Time Gone Quilt


DSCN0217A group of members of our Mount Battie Modern Quilt Guild are making Jen Kingwell”s Long Time Gone pattern.    These are a few of the blocks I’ve done so far.   I’ve got one more to photograph–maybe for the next post.   I am going to introduce a few shades of coral in some of the blocks–haven’t decided yet what other colors.

The three small quilts pictures at the top of the post are mini quilts I made for a few MQG swaps.   These were fun to participate in.  In the latest  (white and blue quilt in middle picture) my swap partner and I were able to exchange hints and pictures suggesting what the quilt would look like on Instagram.   I hope to participate in more.

I’m planning on getting two more blocks for the Long Time Gone quilt done this week.   We are doing 2-3 blocks a month, and I’d love to get a little ahead–it seems that some months things come up and the making the blocks somehow doesn’t get done.

We had about 4 more inches of snow last night in our part of Maine.   The rest of the week will be in the 40’s or higher, so there goes the snow.   I had hoped to get out on my snow shoes, but so far this winter, I haven’t been able to.   Life keeps interfering!


Finishing Some Old Tops

I got a new Janome 8900 last April and have been practicing machine quilting on some old tops I had in my “to do” pile.  The large throat on the machine makes it so much easier!     I love hand quilting and always have one or two quilts that I am doing by hand.   But I also realize that I’d never get all the tops done in my lifetime.   I did straight line quilting on both quilts and am happy with how they came out.   Most surprising–no puckers in the backing.   I layered and pinned the quilt as I would for hand quilting and it worked well.

Our Mt. Battie MQG meets once a month and we have a traveling quilt going on right now.   We started around March 2017 and keep the quilts we are adding to for two months.   I think we have 2 or 3 rounds to go and our quilts will return home.   We do get to see them when they are passed on to the next person.   There are some gorgeous quilts in the making.   Can’t wait to see the finished product.

These are a few of the blocks that have been made for my quilt.   My theme is neighborhoods  and I made the block with the 3 houses.   The talent in this group is amazing and I love all the blocks I have seen so far.   I prefer that the blocks not be joined yet–I will find a background for sashing and filler blocks and put it together myself.

Felting Swap, MQG Swap, Snow

No quilts to show today, but I wanted to show this little white pumpkin that I received in a Maine Felters Swap–a little gift each week, starting Jan 12, that we exchange with one another thru the mail.   My swap partner lives in Auburn, ME, and sent me this pumpkin that fits right in to the pumpkin patch and my chicken!

The afghan is a corner to corner pattern that I have wanted to try for some time now.   Nice and heavy, warm, just right for our Maine winters.

Our MBMQG has a sit and sew on Friday–looking forward to that.  I’m hand quilting a small piece for an MQG swap and it is so relaxing to work on it at these meetings and enjoy the company and conversation of other quilters.   I’ll post a picture after my swap partner receives her quilt– it is due in mid to late February.   I can give a peek at the fabrics I am using in the picture below.  20180104_190141

All of our snow is gone after a warm up.  Fifty degrees after a below zero stretch of cold for the past two weeks.  But the cold is back and more snow predicted.   It does look so clean and white and pretty after a new snowfall.    This is a picture of a cliff on Mt. Battie after a snowstorm.   It was a beautiful day to take pictures.   DSCN0116.JPG