Farmer’s Wife Quilt top

A group of friends and I have been working on the Farmer’s Wife quilt for the past year.   Each month we would make 8 blocks, paper piecing them.   The quilts all are so different!  This picture doesn’t show it, but the blocks are surrounded by a white print with open colored circles, many of the same colors used in the blocks.   I think this is going to be one of my favorites.   Now I am trying to decide on borders.  Probably will do something with the left over fabrics from the quilt.   Most of the blocks were done with fabric from my stash, although I did pick up a few fat quarters that were included.

The Christmas gnomes are a few of the little guys I made for Christmas gifts for friends and family.   I have a small group of friends that meet once a month to felt and most meetings someone has a new idea to try!   I always go back to making these little creatures.  So much fun!!

Plans for the new year include making Tula Pink’s City Sampler quilt with the same group that participated in making the Farmer’s Wife.  I am going to do mine in low volume fabrics.   I receive a low volume sampler monthly from Alewives Fabrics and think these will work well in the blocks.   I get a monthly package with such gorgeous fat quarters–it is a year long offering.   Looking forward to this project, too.

So many projects in my mind!





Wool and Embroidery


I enjoy embroidery and did this snowman family several years ago.  I don’t remember who developed the pattern, and can’t take any credit for it.  I do love the happiness of the finished piece.  This will be turned into a pillow top for Christmas.

The wool stocking is made from a pattern I picked up last week at Country Creations in Jefferson, Maine.  Cute shop with lots of things to look at.  Last weekend they had their annual open house–worth the ride to see the house and shop decorated for the holiday. This little stocking was fun to do and went quickly.

Acorns and Quilts

felted-acorns-2dscn6819This little felted acorn collection keeps growing!   They are so easy to do in the evening while listening to a book on CD or watching TV.  Love how they look in a bowl.

I was going through my quilting supplies, looking for items to donate to our quilt chapter auction that is coming up on Saturday and found left over blocks from a quilt I made in 2005.   There were not enough for a throw, but plenty to make a runner.   I don’t often use these colors anymore, but still love the fabrics so decided to do something with the blocks.  I just ” stitched in the ditch” as I wanted a quick finish.

Almost finished with the Farmer’s Wife blocks and will post the latest ones at a later date.  Thirteen to go and I’ll have them completed.  One of the members of the group I am in that is working on this is starting to put her rows together and it looks incredible.  She used batiks for her blocks.   These 5 quilts will all look so different!   I have come to love the precision of foundation paper piecing.

Our next project as a small group is going to be Tula Pink’s City Sampler quilt.    These will be much easier to piece, but the variety should give us wonderful quilts.  Nice to be involved with such a varied and talented and sharing group!

Felted Acorns


I meet monthly with a group of friends to do some needle felting.   Yesterday we made these little felted acorns.   Here in Maine it is a banner year for acorns and I was able to pick up the caps that had dropped from a tree across the street.   Researched how to treat the caps before using and found out that I needed to bake them in the oven at 200 degrees for 2 hours.

Still working on the Farmer’s Wife quilt and will have pictures of the latest blocks in a week or two.   I saw some beautiful blocks being made over the past few days when I attended our guild chapter’s quilt retreat in Kennebunk, Maine.   Our little group is making 8 blocks per month, started in January 2016, and hope to be done by the end of December. I look forward to seeing these completed quilts.

Raining today–this will help the drought conditions we had over the summer.   A great day to work in the sewing room!

Farmer’s Wife–3/4 of blocks done!

Our group is doing 8 blocks per month and in three months, we will be done!   Can’t wait to see the finished quilts.   The blocks are the same but the quilts will all be different.

Some of the blocks have been a challenge, but something to be learned from each.


I do enjoy handwork and have just finished a EPP runner for a couple of bureaus in the bedroom.  I like the way the neutrals play well together.   The backing for this is an off white wool.  I hand quilted the runner to the wool, appliqued the edges and then cut the wool close to the edges of the hexagons.

Going on a 3 day quilt retreat in mid October with other members of my PTQG quilt chapter.   We are going to the Franciscan House in Kennebunkport, Maine for the second time.   Last May we had a weekend retreat and I cannot say enough good about this facility.  Each of us had an 8 foot table to ourselves, great lighting, comfortable  rooms, and just had to go through a door to the dining area where all three meals were served.   Rooms are simple but have everything needed for the weekend.   It was a short walk to the downtown in one direction and to the beach in the other.   Hopefully I’ll have pictures of  the work accomplished!


Parts department , continued

More potential blocks for our “Parts Department” quilt.  I’m not sure just how much longer we are all going to continue making blocks before we get together the exchange each other’s contribution blocks, but I can’t wait to see what we have to work with.  Once I get the blocks, I’ll look for a fabric to pull it all together.    I’ve been really happy with all the  newsprint/word/letter fabrics I have been able to find and may use something along that line.   Hope to have some pictures of the quilt in the making over the winter.


Another obsession has been these crocheted baskets.  This one is a mini–made from leftover yarn from a bigger basket.   Now it sitting alongside my chair in the TV room and holding my glasses–no excuse for not finding them anymore.  Small crocheted basket

A very little needle felted bowl with a felted flower.   So many things to play with!Felted bowl

Here are my latest additions to the gnome family.   I met the author of the “Gnome Project” a couple of years ago and have been making these little gnomes since then.  Each one seems to have a story of its own that develops in the making.   Lots of fun!  new-gnomes-september-2016


Farmer’s Wife Quilt Blocks, continued!!

Farmer's wife block 57Farmers Wife block 57

I continue to work on the Farmer’s Wife blocks–I am caught up for August and have two of September’s blocks done.  Those aren’t shown here.   Block 61 was hard– took me 4 hours and I had to replace at least two of the parts because I had sewn it wrong.  If I had started this block first, I doubt I would have continued.  But I am glad that I finally got it.

The members of the group I am in that are doing this post their blocks monthly.  Love seeing the others and imagining how different our finished quilts will be.   I really enjoy these women and the inspiration they bring.

The little felted bowl with the flower on it is needle felted around a foam cup holder–and the flower was made by a member of my women’s group.   The other bowl is crocheted with leftover bulky yarn.   I have crocheted a few larger baskets out of 100% wool and felted them in the washing machine.  Those have turned out well and I have some of my “special” fabrics stored in them up in my sewing room.

Windjammer weekend here in Camden.  We just had a spectacular set of fireworks, the last of the season.   Love seeing all the boats in the harbor and all the people enjoying themselves in town.   In six weeks or so, the harbor will be practically empty and things will quiet down for a while.   I never get tired of walking down there!


Selvedge Quilt Progress

I continue to work on the selvedge quilt and have the top layered and ready to quilt.  I’m thinking of hand quilting parts, adding some buttons to keep help keep it together, and maybe some straight line machine quilting.   It is 66×96 inches and very heavy.   I do like how it is coming out.   Hopefully will have it done within a couple of months.

For the past week, while on vacation up in Rangeley, Maine, I’ve been working on Parts Department blocks.  I have a few blocks hand done–hexagon rings on newsprint fabrics.  Enjoy doing the handwork in the evenings while watching TV.

Stopped at a couple of quilt shops while in that part of Maine.  One in Farmington where I found some very polka dot and orange  fabrics that are waiting for a project.  In Rangeley, I stopped at the quilt store down the street from our B&B and found some great neutrals and some teal-ish fat quarters that will go well in the Parts Department quilt.

Rangeley is another beautiful part of Maine.   We enjoyed several hikes in the area (fairly easy ones), found some surprisingly good restaurants, did a lot of exploring the surrounding area, and had some great breakfasts at the Pleasant Street Inn B&B.   Great hosts, very comfortable rooms, delicious breakfasts all week long.  I’d go back again anytime!


Selvedge Quilt

I’m working on a selvedge quilt and thought I had the blocks all made.  But when I went to lay it out, I still need at least 60 six and a half inch blocks!   But I am going to really love it when it is done.  I haven’t decided on the final layout–the picture is not the finished design but close.  I’ve been saving the selvedges for a long time and now I think I have a bottomless container full!

Three friends and I have been getting together once a week most weeks for a day of sewing.  What a luxury–great friends, common interests, fun conversations while doing one of the things we all like best!   It is challenging and inspirational to be together like this.

Farmer's Wife Blocks 54 thru 57

These are my latest Farmer’s Wife blocks.   I’m doing this with a small group and our plan is to do two blocks per week and have them all completed by the end of the year.  I have 60 blocks done so far and find I am really enjoying paper piecing.   After 60 blocks, it is finally getting easier!   It will be fun to see everyone’s quilts.Farmer's wife block Carol

I’m going to set them in the “bubble” fabric as show above.  This is going to be one big quilt!

Happy quilting, all.