Tula Pink City Sampler continued

Tula pink 53 to 56Tula Pink CIty Sampler 47 thru 52Tula Pink 41 thru 46I just finished block 56 and am caught up with our group’s goal of finishing 8 blocks per month of the Tula Pink City Sampler.   I somehow skipped June, so had 16 blocks to do this month.   Mine will be a scrappy quilt, most of the fabrics coming from my stash, but some new (can’t resist some of these new fabrics).   I haven’t decided on sashing, but it will be something neutral that will pull the quilt together.

Just attended the Pine Tree Quilt Guild show in Augusta, Maine.   I enjoyed the variety of quilts and was very happy to see “best judged” in the show go to one of our guild chapter members.   I’ll get some pictures up soon.

Our new MT. Battie Modern Quilt Guild continues to meet through the summer.   Several of the members are working on a traveling quilt.  Participants entered a block to be passed around and we have 2 months to work on additions.   Very few rules–try to keep to the owner’s theme and only add to 1-3 sides.  Some participants chose to not have the blocks sewn on and will assemble their quilts when the project is completed.  We do get to see the progress on our own quilts at the meetings when the quilts are due to be passed on to the next quilter.   Fun so far!!!

Saturday morning–feeling lazy.  Time to go.



Scrap quilt

Scrap quilt machine quiltedI made a simple scrap quilt out of 3.5 inch squares to practice machine quilting on the new Janome 8900 that I got a couple of months ago.   The extra space made a great difference in my ability to get the large quilt under the needle and through the machine.  Putting the binding on now and almost done!


I found these vintage lady blocks a few years ago in  a lot of  antique linens that I purchased at auction.   They are appliqued onto a very heavy muslin and I did have to finish some of the buttonhole stitching around a couple of the ladies’ skirts.  I added the 40’s reproduction border.  This quilt will go to a long arm quilter, probably will have some custom work done since it would be very difficult to hand quilt this fabric.  Hope to get it out over the next month.   Usually is a 6 week turnover time, so she should be back home by  late summer!   Vintage ladies blocks

Farmer’s Wife Quilt finished

After a year of working on this quilt, it is done!   A group of fellow quilters and I agreed to make 8 blocks per month for a year and show our quilts at our Coastal Quilters meeting in June.   The finished quilts were so different although the same pattern.   There wasn’t on I wouldn’t like to own!!

This year we are making Tula Pink City Sampler and doing 8 blocks per month.  (one overachiever has already finished the blocks!)   I am again using fabrics from my stash and a few I have been unable to resist purchasing!   The blocks are easy to put together and I do like those finished quilts I have seen on social media.

Our Mount Battie Modern Quilt Guild, formed at the beginning of the year, now has about 15 members.   We have decided to have a sewing day each month and are fortunate to be able to hold it at the local Lion’s Club.  First one occurs this coming Friday!

Just finished a small quilt that I made from Dresden Plates found in a linen lot I purchased at auction several years ago.   When I get a picture, I’ll post it.

Time to go water the plants.   The weather went from cool 60’s and rain for the last month  to 80’s+ this month.

CQ Retreat

Worked on my Tula Pink City Sampler blocks while at our guild chapter retreat at the Franciscan House in Kennebunkport, ME, last week.   Now am caught up for May–40 blocks done and about 60 more to go!   My group is doing 8 blocks per month and will finish up in December.

Last year we did Farmer’s Wife quilt and will “unveil” them at our CQ meeting in June.  Although we all did the same blocks, the five quilts are entirely different and all beautiful!  Hope to get a good picture of mine to show soon.

Another quilt finished piecing (except for the borders) was a Christmas bow tie pattern.   It has a 3-d center and I made the blocks so long ago that I don’t remember how I did it except that it was fairly easy!   Hopefully, I will find the instructions when I am looking for something else–usually when I find lost items.

There were 15 quilters at our retreat and all were very productive and had lots of fun.   This is our third retreat at the Franciscan House and we have two more planned–October 2017 and May 2018.   The people there are very receptive to quilters, the space is great ( we all had a 6 foot table and good lighting,  ironing boards supplied, boards to display our quilts/blocks, and meals in the next room!)    It is a half mile in one way to the beach, and a half mile the other direction to the very cute town of Kennebunkport.   We always go to the coffee shop in town for a treat and coffee (the half mile walk justifies a treat, doesn’t it!).   The grounds are well kept and there are paths through, part of which parallels the river out to the ocean.   Great weekend with friends.

Our new modern guild now has 12 members.   We started in January and meet monthly. Very inspiring to see what members are doing.   We have a “traveling quilt” now and have 9 members participating.   Each one has it’s own theme and it has been challenging and fun working on blocks for these quilts.   Very few rules except to only add blocks on 1-3 sides and go with whatever the maker suggests in her journal–very loose interpretation.   What I have seen so far is just amazing!   Can’t wait to see the finished quilts.   My theme is neighborhood and my starting block was a few houses representing some of my favorites from our 13 moves!


Tula Pink City Sampler

A few members of my quilt group are doing Tula Pink’s City Sampler as a project this year.  Last year was the Farmer’s Wife.   The goal is to do eight blocks per month–very doable!

These are my first 20 blocks.  I do have 4 more blocks completed, but the picture  has not been transferred to the computer yet.   I find these lots of fun to do.  My plan is to use a low volume in each block. The quilt will be very scrappy when done.   Haven’t decided what to use as sashing–that will be done when the blocks are completed.  One of the group members has an etsy shop, Sewmeasong, and she has the most wonderful fabrics to chose from!

I have been receiving a  low volume fat quarter package  from a local quilt shop for almost a year now and am using  some of these in each block.   Love getting that package every month!

Well, better go start the day.  Enough time spent over coffee and computer!!

Embroidered Birds

Getting ready to run a workshop at one of the quilt guild chapters I belong to.   Each meeting we do a small project or have a program of some kind after the meeting.   Members take turns arranging the program for the month.   This month we will be embroidering these silly little birds and inserting our finished piece into a greeting card.

These two quilts were hanging at QuiltCon 2017.  I don’t have the makers names.  So many interesting  quilts and talented quilters.   I have been a fairly traditional quilter since starting in 1976, but find myself drawn to the freedom in these “modern” quilts.  I do like the negative space that sets off the design and have been trying to incorporate this into some of the pieces I have been doing lately.

I also love the “low volume” fabrics that are being produced now.   A few friends and I are making Tula Pink’s City Sampler,and I plan to use lots of the low volumes in that.   Alewives, a local quilt shop, has a monthly low volume fat quarter package that I have subscribed to, and these will be just right for my quilt.  Have three blocks done so far–but have a year to complete all of them!   Last year we all did “Farmer’s Wife” quilt and finished the blocks by paper piecing  8/month all year long.   In April all of the quilts will be completed and we will show our quilts at our meeting.   I have seen most of the tops, and, although we used the same blocks, they are all so different.   I love paper piecing because of the crisp results on all of the blocks.

So many quilts and so little time!henri-the-hedgehog

This is Henry the Hedgehog.  He is needle felted and is now working as a pincushion.   A friend a similar one and I fell in love with it.   Had to make one for myself!

QuiltCon 2017

boulder-field-kathy-york-austin-mqgOne of my favorite quilts that I saw at QuiltCon 2017 in Savannah.  Boulder Fields by Kathy York Austin.   Love the colors, compostition and images!   There were so many inspirting quilts.  Savannah was a wonderful city to visit and we did take the time to go on a tour of the city and enjoy the history it has.   dscn7675This was the view from the trade center where the show was held.   It was fascinating to see the traffic on the Savannah River–huge barges, small ferries, tug boats!   This was my second trip to Savannah and I feel I’d love to visit again.

dscn7694This quilt was probably my favorite.   I do not have the name of the maker.  The explanation of the quilt stated that this was done while waiting for the return of a military family member or friend.     I appreciate quilts that make a statement.

I am already looking forward to QuiltCon East in two years–then it is scheduled for Nashville.

MQG Secret Swap Quilt Received!

I participated in the MQG Secret Swap this winter.  I just received this wonderful little quilt from my “secret quilter” today (middle picture).   Love the combination of hand and machine work, the black, white, and grey interspersed in the stripes, and the pop of colors in the hand applique!   The last picture is of the backing fabric–wish I had a bit of that!

First picture is the quilt I sent to my “partner” in this swap.   She had a few pictures on her instagram account that had flying geese in them and I decided that is what I’d like to include in her quilt.  Participants had no idea who was partnered with them for this challenge–only knew who you would be sending your quilt to.   Quilts are due by Feb 22.  Some people will be exchanging them at QuiltCon in Savannah later this month.

I am going to QuiltCon!!!!!   Three other friends and I are flying down on Thursday, will have 2 full days there, and return to Maine on Sunday.  How exciting is that!

I signed up for the Riley Blake challenge at MQG and received the fabric last week.  I was able to purchase some Riley Blake confetti solids to include in the quilt.  Now I am waiting for inspiration.   Finished quilt is due in April and I am going to be away during the middle two weeks so I’d better get busy!



Traveling Quilt Project Mt. Battie Modern Quilt Guild

Our newly formed (2 months old!) Mt. Battie Modern Quilt Guild is starting a traveling quilt project.   About 8 of us signed up to do this and we exchange the start of our quilts at our next meeting.   I have decided to do houses for my center.  We are to add to one or two borders to the quilts as we get them.  Each quilt will come with a journal with an entry from the owner about her wishes for the quilt.   After each participant has added to the quilts, we will get ours back for the surprise reveal!   I have participated in projects like this in the past and have been happy with the results.  Should be fun!

The block looks distorted in the picture, but I think that is a result of the angle I took the picture from.   Have to get that design wall started so I can get better pictures.

Our Coastal Quilters meeting is Saturday–we are part of the Pine Tree Guild here in Maine.   One of our members is giving a demo on tips and tricks –demonstrating rulers, quilting aides, and showing what to do with your scraps.   Looking forward to this.   Many talented people in this group and my favorite part of the meetings is “Show and Tell”.   I’ll show my selvedge quilt and another simple design in yellow and greys.


Finishing up WIP’s

Another January and another attempt to finish works in progress!   I had a small pieced rectangle made from 30’s and 40’s reproduction fabrics and decided to finish it as a doll blanket.  Now I just need a little one who plays with dolls to give it to!

I also love to just put things together and found a box with lots of different textured fabrics that I have been saving and occasionally working with.   So I made a 12×12 composition on a burlap frame –fun just to play with shapes and see what happens.

I also had a small piece that I had done with leaves and fabric paint sticks.  I colored the back of the leaves with the paint stick and then transferred to a piece of muslin.  Don’t remember if I pounded or pressed them to make the imprint, but I was happy with the result.  After bordering the piece, I did some machine quilting to make the veins of the leaf stand out then some outline quilting.  This is now hanging with several other pieces in my kitchen.   I like changing the small quilts on that wall occasionally and can see some of my past “artworks”!

“Sit and sew at home” today.  Our guild chapter meets at someone’s home monthly for the morning.   We all bring a hand project and have an enjoyable morning out.   No pressure for the hostess, no refreshments expected, just good company and sewing.

We also have a day long “Sit and Sew” at the Lion’s Club in town once a month.  Members can come for all or part of the day.   Machine or hand sewing — your choice!   Here in Maine we have to hope that the weather cooperates on the day of the event.  So far, so good this winter.

Still working on the New Hexagon.  Time to print out and cut the triangles that will go between each hexagon.  It will be a wall hanging rather that a quilt–at least that is the plan at this time.   My quilts tend to be whatever size they are when I run out of fabrics!

Plan to start a millifiore quilt this year, too.   I have the EPP pieces and think I will use a lot of low volume fabrics along with some brights.  That plan could change!

I’d like to get the two tops that are pictured quilted in 2017, too.  May hand quilt one and send the other to the long arm quilter.   I used a lot of white and bright color over the past year, trying to use up some of my stash.   Of course, it seems that for every half yard I used, another yard appeared in the stash.   I have such good intentions and then see a fabric I really want!