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Finishing up WIP’s

Another January and another attempt to finish works in progress!   I had a small pieced rectangle made from 30’s and 40’s reproduction fabrics and decided to finish it as a doll blanket.  Now I just need a little one who plays with dolls to give it to!

I also love to just put things together and found a box with lots of different textured fabrics that I have been saving and occasionally working with.   So I made a 12×12 composition on a burlap frame –fun just to play with shapes and see what happens.

I also had a small piece that I had done with leaves and fabric paint sticks.  I colored the back of the leaves with the paint stick and then transferred to a piece of muslin.  Don’t remember if I pounded or pressed them to make the imprint, but I was happy with the result.  After bordering the piece, I did some machine quilting to make the veins of the leaf stand out then some outline quilting.  This is now hanging with several other pieces in my kitchen.   I like changing the small quilts on that wall occasionally and can see some of my past “artworks”!

“Sit and sew at home” today.  Our guild chapter meets at someone’s home monthly for the morning.   We all bring a hand project and have an enjoyable morning out.   No pressure for the hostess, no refreshments expected, just good company and sewing.

We also have a day long “Sit and Sew” at the Lion’s Club in town once a month.  Members can come for all or part of the day.   Machine or hand sewing — your choice!   Here in Maine we have to hope that the weather cooperates on the day of the event.  So far, so good this winter.

Still working on the New Hexagon.  Time to print out and cut the triangles that will go between each hexagon.  It will be a wall hanging rather that a quilt–at least that is the plan at this time.   My quilts tend to be whatever size they are when I run out of fabrics!

Plan to start a millifiore quilt this year, too.   I have the EPP pieces and think I will use a lot of low volume fabrics along with some brights.  That plan could change!

I’d like to get the two tops that are pictured quilted in 2017, too.  May hand quilt one and send the other to the long arm quilter.   I used a lot of white and bright color over the past year, trying to use up some of my stash.   Of course, it seems that for every half yard I used, another yard appeared in the stash.   I have such good intentions and then see a fabric I really want!


Embroidery and Scrappy Log Cabins

DSCN4922DSCN4984I have two little nieces that I decided to embroider something for.   They both turn 3 this winter.   Had so much fun with these.  Since I had boys, doing these little girly things is a big treat!

I finished up a scrappy log cabin in December.  Love this type quilt.  I used most of my black and white fabrics,  but still have scraps for many more quilts.

Scrap Log Cabin quilt


A Gnome in ParadiseCan’t stop making these little gnomes.  Learned how in June and the gnome family has been growing since!   As each one is being made, these gnomes develop their own story.   This one, Ethan, is on his first vacation in the tropics.  He lives in western Maine and has always dreamed of traveling.   He had his own construction business and made wee homes for gnomes who were downsizing– a trend much like our “tiny homes”.  Now that he is retired and sold his business, he is seeing parts of the world he only dreamed of!

The quilt below is a simple 16 patch made of 30’s and 40’s reproduction fabric from my stash.  I confess that I did have to go out and buy 5 fat quarters to finish the quilt, but the I did have enough for the rest of the quilt.    Had this quilted at the local quilt shop, Quilt Divas, in Rockland.

Scrap quilt
Scrap quilt

Another scrap quilt

Scrap quilt
Scrap quilt
Selvedge quilts
Selvedge quilts


Flower girl quilt
Flower girl quilt

Still trying to decrease the size of my fabric stash!   The top picture is a 16 patch block quilt made from 30s and 40s reproduction fabrics.  I ended up having to purchase about 3 or 4 fat quarters to finish the quilt, but did use up all this style fabric that I had.

The selvedge table runner is the second project I have done with selvedges.  First was a twin sized quilt and love it!  I was just playing around with the selvedges a few weeks ago and made just a few squares for this table runner.

Inadvertently, I put two of the same quilts in this post.  I may someday find out how to delete one of them!   This little quilt was done using embroidery patterns by Pearl Louise Designs.   I’ve had them done for a couple of years now and found this yellow floral print in the fabric stash and it seemed to go well with my embroidered blocks.  Love simple, traditional patterns.

Time to go and see what else I can find up in the sewing room that needs to be finished.   Happy Quilting.