A quilt top is done!

20191028_200256This quilt top has been at least 3 years in the making.   It is a Bonnie Hunter paper pieced pattern, Wild and Goosey.   I am piecing the back from left over fabrics from the top and from large pieces of solids in my stash.   I will probably machine quilt this in simple straight lines–hopefully by the end of winter it will be done.   Measures about 64″ x 72″.

Love being in Maine

pincushion owlLittle owl pincushion from a pattern I found on the Sewshecan blog site.  Enjoyed making this little creature and  I am going to try a few other fabric combinations.

20191026_111102This is the last few sprigs of lavender from my garden.  I had to replant because my plant did not make it through our last winter.   Hopefully I will be luckier next spring.

These are scenes around midcoast Maine this past weekend.    Leaves are falling, color is fading, but still a beautiful part of the country.  I keep this blog mainly to have a record of some of the things I have made and to share our part of this country.


Sew Along Time

Now working on a sew along sponsored by Crazy Moose Fabrics in Greenville, Maine, called “Women of the Bible”.  We are getting four block patterns each month;  two on the 1st and 2 on the 15th.   Each comes with a story about the block and very well written instructions.   I have decided to do my blocks in red, green, and neutrals.   I don’t know how many blocks make up this quilt–but looks like it will be a good size.  I am enjoying this since it is very manageable and fun to see what comes next.


Also participating in Gnome Angels Kinship 100 blocks 100 Days sew along.   I try to keep a few days ahead since life has a habit of interfering with even the best intentions.  Don’t have pictures on the computer yet, but will post some at a later date.   You can see some of the blocks people have made on #100days100blocks.

Finished Trinketsal quilt top

20190510_081208I just finished the quilt top for the Alison Glass Trinketsal.   We had 8 weeks to make 40 blocks from her pattern.  I did two of each block and repeated 10 more to have a total of 90 blocks.   I thoroughly enjoyed doing this sew along and would do another in a heartbeat!   All of the printed fabrics are AlisonGlass, not sure who produced the solids and the navy fabric I used between the SAL blocks.   I am not going to make this any bigger except for a border of alternating solid blocks with the navy polka dot.  Hopefully will post a picture of the finished quilt soon!

Trinket SAL and other quilts

I am participating in the Alison Glass SAL-#trinketsal.   I’ve enjoyed making these blocks, simple but fun to play with colors.   I’m using mostly AlisonGlass fabrics.  The solids are whatever I have in my stash.   On Friday, we will be halfway through the project.   Pictures of each block are posted daily on instagram (#trinketsal) and on the group’s facebook page.   Probably the hardest part of this is remembering to post daily (M-F).

I just got a quilt back from the long arm quilter and it is made of vintage fabric I found several years ago at an auction in Massachusetts.   I like the simplicity of this quilt and I’m just calling it Vintage Modern.   The fabric was cut into approximately 7 inch squares and very uneven.  I cut them down to a uniform size and put the quilt together.   Some pieces looked like they are old flour sack material,  some pieces seem to be shirting, and lots of various prints looking like 30’s and 40’s material.   Quilted in a meandering style.

Alison Glass Trinket Sew Along

I was sewing with friends about three weeks ago and one mentioned this SAL and showed the pattern.   I couldn’t stop thinking about these cute little blocks and how this was something I’d love to do.    I ordered the pattern that night and when it came, about 5 days later, I started making these “trinkets”.   Most are fairly easy, all are paper pieced, which I love doing.    Blocks by participants are posted on the group site and on Instagram daily.   40 blocks, posting started last week, and there are 5 assigned blocks per week.   I like seeing the color choices and placement of the other group members!  These are the blocks so far (One is missing, guess I have to get a picture of it onto the computer).    I’m going to try to get all of them in a post as time goes on.    This has been easy to keep up with, and I have done several blocks ahead of time just in case life interferes!

Parts Department Quilt!

quilt parts department projectThis picture was taken by a friend at our Mt. Battie Modern Quilt Guild meeting last week.   Two other quilters and myself made multiple blocks  and shared with one another last year and are now putting these blocks together in our quilts.   We have many of the same blocks that we shared and added fillers and other blocks we may have already had in our stashes.   I love this quilt and when I look at it I  think of those friends who made blocks that are included.   It was fun to put together.   I couldn’t have done it without a design wall to put them up on and play with arrangements.   I’m filling another box with blocks and when I have enough, I’ll do “Parts Department 2”.   The idea came from books by Freddy Moran and Gwen Marston.   Can’t wait to see the other two quilts!

Working on the Traveling Quilt

traveling quilting in progressI am machine quilting most of this quilt but adding a few hand quilted areas, just because I like to hand quilt and there are some motifs that will lend themselves to it.   A few others in one of my quilt groups and I are showing our traveling quilts, Long Time Gone, and Tula Pink 100 blocks quilts at our February Coastal Quilter meeting and I am trying to meet that deadline.   I have one quilt to layer (Tula Pink) and quilt and all of them to bind!   But nothing is impossible!!

And here in Maine, with our cold, snow, rain, sleet, and other vagaries of Mother Nature, I hopefully will have lots of sewing time until that deadline.


Traveling Quilt Top Finished!

I finished putting together the top to my “Traveling Quilt” yesterday.   A little over a year  and a half ago, the Mt. Battie Modern Quilt Guild started this project.  There were about 9 participants and each participant made a block and picked  a theme.   Mine was “neighborhood”.   Every two months we would get another quilt to work on a block to add to the box.   When the blocks were returned, one of the participants had put together the four blocks in the lower right picture with one band of B&W checkerboard added to join  the tree and houses.   I decided to continue this in different areas of the quilt to pull it together.     I was inspired to at least get the top finished after seeing several tops done at our last monthly meeting.   This was a project that was challenging and fun and I’d do it again!   The finished top came out long and narrow.   Don’t think I’ll add any more borders and will just put a black binding on it when layered and quilted.

We have another project that will start in January and will go on for an extended period of time–just how long depends on how many members decide to participate.   This time every two months participants will work on blocks for the same quilt using the theme chosen by the member.     In December, we will turn in our descriptions of our theme.  Very few rules for blocks–we may include color preferences but that is about it!




Summer projects/Felting/Quilting and Beading

This little gnome has a new home with a friend of mine.   She wanted to join a new community and moved last week.   Hope to visit her soon and see how she is doing.  Love making these little gnomes–each one develops a story as it is made.Gnome given to Donna Vix July 2018

This quilt is from patterns by Katja Marek.  Each is an individual quiltlet and is sewn together to make the table topper.   Most of the fabrics are Kaffe Facett.  Enjoyed working with the bright colors.  I ran out of the coral that I put around most of the blocks, and found a bit lighter fabric so used for the center blocks.   EPP 2018

ocean scene 2 2018Ocean scene felted and embellished 2018

Wish I could figure out how to get these pictures of a felted and embellished underwater piece in the right orientation!   The picture doesn’t do it justice.  I’ll have to try to get a better one to show later.   I had gotten the multicolored felt batt at Fiber College in Searsport, ME., last year and loved the colors  They reminded me of the sea and the sky and I knew then I’d do something to reflect an underwater scene.

I haven’t gotten much piecing or quilting done this summer.  It has been beautiful here in Maine.  We did have a hot and humid week last week, but hopefully it will be back to the usual perfect summer weather now.    Between vacation, yard work, and just generally enjoying the outdoors, no time for as much sewing as I usually do.

Our Mt. Battie MQG travelling quilts have now been returned to the owners.   There are some great pieces.  I was away for the last meeting, so I don’t have my box of blocks yet, but I’m looking forward to playing with the blocks and putting the top together.   Pictures to come!