Heart 2 Hands

These are two quilts I donated to Heart 2 Hands project organized by “Confessions of a Fabric Addict.” I read that this has been going on for 10 years now, and there is a list of organizations to donate to. This is my first year donating and I hope to be able to do this for many more years to come.

The other photos are of Camden Harbor, Camden, Maine. Love seeing the boats return for the summer. Camden is beautiful no matter what time of year you are here, but there is something about the spring and everything waking up again.

Covid Quilting

Our Mount Battie Modern Quilt Guild has been running a challenge over the past almost 2 years and late last year I received my blocks from the other participants. My theme for my blocks was simply abstract blocks with neutral colors and some green in the block. This is the result and I love it!! Putting it together was quite a puzzle, and I was able to use each and every block I received and added some fillers to square it off. It is “big stitch” quilted and has become one of my favorites.

Every other month a participant receives blocks depicting interpretations of their theme and I look forward to the time that we can get together and see these close up and in person. There are only about 3 people still to get their blocks, so maybe early next year!

This is a small quilt that I made to donate to a project called Hand 2 Heart.

Another quilt donated to H2H. This is a disappearing nine patch made from the scrap box. My favorite quilts are scrappy,

The last quilt I am showing today was also finished over the past Covid year. I found the quilt top at least 10-15 years ago when I purchased a linen lot at auction. It was in need of repair, was pretty dirty, but I couldn’t let it go. The fabrics look like they could date to the 40’s and 50’s, probably lots of clothing cut up to make some of the blocks. But it called to me and I had to hand quilt it and finish it. I am very pleased with the way it turned out. This is at least the third top made either of vintage blocks I have found thru the years or of old tops.

That is it for now. I have several more quilts made of the past 15 months, but not good pictures of them. I’ll save them for a later date.

My Goal is Accomplished!

These two quilts were among the 10 I told myself I would finish in 2020 before starting something new.  Then Covid came along and gave me all the time I needed.   The one on the left is a batik pattern I picked up at Keepsake Quilting in NH and started about 2013.  It is machine pieced and quilted by a long arm quilter, Beth Cardozo.  The right quilt is 100 days/100 blocks, a sew along I participated in last year online.  I machine pieced this, machine quilted along the sashing, and big stitch hand quilted the blocks.

The quilt on the left is a Bonnie Hunter mystery from 2017, Alletaire.  Machine quilted and pieced.   The quilt on the left is another Bonnie Hunter pattern, Wild and Goosey, also machine pieced and quilted.  Started in about 2017 and finished this year.

The bow tie on the left is machine pieced and hand quilted, blocks started in 2010 and finished this year.   The quilt on the right is my “Flower Garden Explosion”, started about 2 years ago and finished this year   It is hand pieced in batiks and machine quilted by long arm quilter, Beth Cardozo.

Above right is another hexagon quilt, with the hexies appliqued onto a variety of white fabrics.  Hand appliqued, and then machine pieced and quilted.   The quilt on the right is one I started this year after seeing an online “improv triangle” sew along.  Machine pieced and quilted.

Below , right, is another batik simple patchwork quilt, machine pieced and quilted.   The smaller on the chair is made from leftover blocks.

Of course, I have several more starts–flying geese in various shades of blue and off white/beiges, selvedge blocks made on the diagonal, another stack of black and white blocks.   Most of what I am doing now is trying to use only from my stash.  I did order a few fabrics for the blue flying geese blocks and I did “need” a few yards of different white on white fabrics!

Corona Virus and Quilting

20200515_193915Some days, while on social isolation, I just don’t feel like doing anything that requires concentration, so I have been making 4 inch 4 patches out of my stash.  I plan to  make a simple scrappy quilt out of them when I finish trimming the rest to size.

Today  I saw my first hummingbird of the season flying around our flowering crab tree in the front yard.  It was such a nice afternoon, and I was sitting out front just enjoying the birds songs and the buzzing of the bumblebees in the perennial garden, and looked over and saw the hummingbird flitting from flower to flower.  One of the benefits of staying home is the time just to sit and listen.  On those mornings that are warm enough, I enjoy sitting in the back yard, just having my coffee and listening to the quiet noises around me.


Quilting in the Time of Social Isolation

20200509_135305I’m continuing to finish up old projects that have been hanging around the storage room for quite some time.   This little tumbler quilt is made from 30’s and 40’s reproduction fabrics that I have collected over the years.   I used spray basting for the first time on this and another small quilt and was very pleased with the result and it made the machine quilting so easy.

20200509_135256This next little quilt was made from a panel I bought many years ago.  I also spray basted this and did a lot of meandering over the middle of the quilt and straight line quilting on the borders.  I like the way it came out.


Another old project.  The blocks from this snow ball quilt were probable started before we moved here to Maine, 8 years ago!   I am hand quilting with big stitches and love the way it is looking.  It is about twin size and I am 2/3 done with the quilting.  I have been keeping track of the time put into the hand quilting on the last 3 quilts I have done, and this one already has 56 hours of quilting time!

20200509_135045This little table runner is made from some small pieces of a vintage fabric with the strawberries on it.  I paired it with a batik.   I found the strawberries at the bottom of a box of vintage fabrics I had purchased many years ago.

picture cherry blossom 1 may 2020


Yesterday was a gorgeous day, great for a long walk.  Our flowering cherry is in full bloom, lots of bees buzzing around the blossoms.   Spring is slowly coming to Maine–or so I thought until I looked out the window this morning to see snow coming down!


Here are a few more pictures from our area of Maine taken early this month.     I try to go for daily walks around the area and have a few favorite routes.   In this strange time of social isolation, it is good to get out for some fresh air and exercise.   I don’t meet many people on my walks, but those I do are very good at keeping the distance.

One Quilt Top Done, Another to Go, and some Delightful Bunnies

20200405_095456I put the last hand stitch in this little quilt last night.   The printed fabrics are vintage–I think from the 40’s and 50’s.  I found the fabrics at auction many years ago and the pieces were small, but I did manage to get enough for 12 Dresden Plates and have some left over for another project at another time!   I hope to get it trimmed and bound before the end of the week.

I used to collect vintage fabrics and linens and over the years have used them around the house and in projects.  I love to think of all the work that went into some of the embroidery, hardanger, weaving, etc., and imagine the lives of the makers.

wob finished topI also finished piecing this quilt top made in a  sew along with Crazy Moose Quilting in Greenville, Maine.  This was a 10 month project and we received 2 block patterns on the 1st of the month and again on the 15th.  It was called Women of the Bible and came with a story of the woman each block represents.   I choose to do mine in reds, greens, and neutrals.   I am unsure if I will add a border or just layer it as is.  crafts bunnies March 2020This last picture is bunnies made from a free pattern on line from Positively Splendid.  Hoped to send these to two nieces for Easter, but will wait till this virus is contained and controlled before sending.   I think they will like them at any time of year.   I had purchased a Clover PomPom maker some time ago, and it made the cutest tails out of some yarn that I had left over bits of.


Another quilt top almost done!

I am participating in a sew along sponsored by Crazy Moose Quilts in Greenville Maine.   We have been getting 4 blocks a month for the past 10 months, pattern is called Women of the Bible.   Two patterns arrive on the first of the month and the next two on the 15th.  Each comes with a story of the woman it represents.   I decided to do my blocks in Christmas reds and greens.  It goes together like a puzzle, with filler blocks and partial seams.  The picture on the left is part B and will be in the upper right hand corner of the quilt.  On the right are parts A and C.  Two more sections to put together and it will be ready for borders.   Looking forward to seeing the compeleted top!


Staying home

20200315_195836Even though I am concentrating on getting  UFO’s done this year, I saw some blocks on facebood–Bonnie Hunter’s “Crumb”technique reverse appliqued and used in a modern looking quilt–lots of negative space.   I had lots of little pieces of fabric left over from my last 2 “Women of the Bible” blocks ( a SAL from Crazy Moose Quilts in Greenville, Maine) and decided to just try one block with those fabrics.   I think when I finish this SAL, I may do a few more of these.   This combines two of my favorite things to do–crazy patches and applique.  20200315_133132These are blocks 39 and 40 of the ” Women of the Bible” SAL.  We received 4 patterns a month, 2 on the first of the month and 2 on the fifteenth of the month, for a total of 40 blocks.   Each was very well written and my blocks came out perfectly to the right size ( a combination of 10 and 15″ blocks).  It will be put together with setting blocks and I’ll soon start that part of the project.  Each pattern also came with the story of the woman it represents.   I used reds and greens throughout, using fabrics from my stash.   I don’t think I had to buy more that a couple of fat quarters to add to it.

I have a couple of quilts ready to machine quilt and am hand quilting a dresden plate quilt .  The dresden plates are made from vintage fabrics I had found in an auction many years ago.  I appliqued them onto various colors of solid fabrics and put a simple sashing between.  It is a small quilt, and I am enjoying the hand quilting while watching TV in the evenings.  20200316_063835

Finishing UFO’s

20200313_181215I finished hand quilting this bow tie quilt made of Christmas style fabrics.   This is the first time I kept track of hours of quilting and I put in 61.5 hours on the hand quilting and binding.   These blocks were made about 5 years ago.

20200313_181134This is a “disappearing 9 patch” pattern.   One of the members of our Georges Valley chapter of the Maine Pine Tree Quilt Guild gave a class on making this block.  I wanted to try the technique and used blocks I had made between 15 and 20 years ago!   I wondered why I bought some of those fabrics!

20200313_181054This is a Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt from 2017–Alletaire.   I only made some of the blocks and did not arrange it in the way she had suggested.

20200313_180944Over the years I have accumulated quite a collection of batiks.  This is a crib sized quilt made from left over squares from a queen size simple patchwork quilt.   That large one still needs to be machine quilted.   I did use quite a bit of  my batik in these two quilts.  IMG_20200301_092250_925This little pillow top was done in needlepunch.   I think I got the pattern at Attic Heirlooms in Damariscotta, Maine.  IMG_20200301_092123_308Last of my latest “old projects” is this 12″ square pillow top using another needlepunch pattern I bought at Attic Heirlooms in Damariscotta, Maine.

My plan this year was to finish 10 old projects before starting anything new and I have done that.    I still plan to finish more older projects, but have started something new–an improv triangle quilt using fabric from my stash in greens, tans, browns.  I’ve got quite a few blocks done and am anxious to see how they look on the design wall.




More Old Projects to Finish

20200222_064312I made these blocks in the past 4 to 5 years and found again last year and made them into a top.  Now I finally have it pin basted and am hand quilting it.  It is in mostly reds and greens, with a few blue blocks thrown in.   Most fabrics are wintry prints and I plan to put this out at Christmas time.   I used a lot of scrap neutrals for the background fabrics and like the way it has come out.   This is the  5th top I am working on, continuing my 2020 goal of finishing up old WIP’s.   Finished 4 others,  3 quilted on my domestic machine and one that I sent out to the long arm quilter.

Now I have several empty project boxes–I’d like to think I won’t let the projects build up again, and finish what I start in a timely manner, but I can’t help seeing all these wonderful quilts and wool projects that I want to start!   But I have stuck to my goal of not starting anything else till at least 10 of my old projects are completed.

I have finished 11 embroidered dish towels that I had ready to go for quite some time. This is the last of  the towels.  An aunt of mine taught me embroidery and crochet when I was a child and I have always enjoyed doing this.